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Interested in volunteering at McKitrick this year? Make sure you do the following to ensure we get to maximize your efforts and talents to better support our awesome Bobcat students and staff.

1.) Register with Hillsborough County Public Schools to volunteer:

Go to on the Hillsborough County School District website and complete the Y.E.S. application in order to volunteer on campus during the 2018-2019 school year. **A new application must be submitted every school year.**

2.) Sign up with McKitrick to volunteer in your child's class and around the school:

Complete the McKitrick volunteer form to let the PTA know how you want to volunteer your time. There are several ways that we could use your help both inside and outside of the classroom. The information on this form will be shared with the PTA commitee chairs and the PTA volunteer coordinator.

3.) Track your volunteer hours:

Use the McKitrick Volunteer Log  form to track all of the time you volunteer supporting our Bobcat teachers and students while off campus or during non-student hours. Any time spent on campus will be logged by the school secretaries when you sign in and tell the staff your purpose for visiting.  Some examples of time spent volunteering off campus may include:
- any work completed at home that benefits our teachers and students
- shopping for materials/supplies
- preparing for a classroom visit and/or lesson
- prepping classroom materials
- events that take place during non-school hours when signing in at the front office isn't required
We appreciate every minute that you have contributed to helping our school be the best it can be for our Bobcat students!

Tutoring Information

Tips and guidance for our tutoring volunteers.